Timboon Fine Ice Cream

A new build has begun in Timboon. Opening for visitors Summer 2016/17. The new home of Timboon Fine Ice Cream will welcome everyone to enjoy their luxury ice cream, sundaes and other indulgent treats. The business was established in October 1999 at Timboon by Tim Marwood and Caroline Simmons. Being being a 3rd generational dairy farmer’s son, Tim has a real connection to the land and the South West dairy farming region. Adding value to their family dairy operation was the key motivational factor in exploring and developing the brand that has become Timboon Fine Ice Cream. Tim’s dad was one of the first farmers in the district to milk ‘a cow to the acre’, his grandfather was as equally progressive in developing early irrigation practices on farm at Nullawarre in 1940.

For the last 18 years Tim and Caroline have been making their famous ice cream at home sourcing fresh milk comes form The Doolans next door and fresh cream from Camperdown Dairy up the road. It has that unmistakeable rich creamy mouth feel and new flavours are constantly being developed. With all ice cream ‘fresh is best’ and using the best fresh milk and cream too makes a beautiful premium boutique ice cream for everyone to enjoy.